What is School of Prophets (SOP)?

This school is an eight-month course for all who want to learn how to hear God’s voice and know His heart. If you desire to encourage people, share the Father’s heart, and transform lives - then this is the school for you!

The purpose of this school is to train and equip people how to hear God’s voice first and foremost for themselves and then for others. We believe that true prophetic ministry lies within the Heart of the Father. It is through sonship that we can discover who we are and whose we are.

Our heart is to raise a company of prophets to minister from the Father’s heart and to bless the world around them. The school is designed to develop disciples who are full of the Father’s love, integrity, honor, and can walk in the power of the Holy Spirit within their prophetic lifestyle. This school was birthed out of several prophetic words given to fulfill this greater purpose: to see the world transformed by the Father’s heart and His personal affection for His people.


Anyone and everyone who desires to:

• Move powerfully and confidently in prophetic ministry

• Know how to hear God's voice at all times confidently

• Experience God's love and affection in a new and tangible way

• Impact the world around them with love and encouragement



LEARN • Firstly, you will learn the foundation that will guide you when moving in prophetic ministry. 

PRACTICE • Secondly, you will practice in a safe environment with others and learn from prophetic coaches that are willing to journey with you, at your pace. 

ENGAGE • Lastly, you will naturally move in prophetic ministry and engage with God in an exciting and tangible way. 


• Experience ‘next level intimacy’ with God.

• Know with confidence that you are hearing from God.

• Have greater impact in the various spheres of your life; marriage, family, workplaces, etc.

Core Values

The core values for School of Prophets are as follows:

  • Each student has an understanding of the Father's love. They know that they are a son or daughter of God and that they have a Father who loves them unconditionally.

  • Students know how to hear His voice and are confident in their Father’s nature to encourage, strengthen, and comfort the people around them.

  • As a result of receiving the Father's blessing, students can live a life of blessing to others through prophetic ministry.

  • Because we are created in the Father‘s image, the students’ lives and character will grow to reflect that of Jesus in their daily life and ministry.

  • Each student has an understanding that the Father’s love is the foundation of life and ministry. The words given by these students’ will display His love and convery His heart.

The school is designed to help prepare students to continue their prophetic ministry throughout their life by covering these core values in the school teachings.


Encounter Weekend

"For from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks." - Matthew 12.34

We believe that when the heart is made whole - our words will create worlds for people to come alive in. At the start of the school year, there is a compulsory “Encounter Weekend” for all of our students to attend. This weekend will cover various topics that bring heart healing to any hindrances that could keep us from being who we are in God’s image. Our heart is to raise and equip students to live in the fullness of who God has made them to be. 

Finding Father Devotional

Each student will be given a 12 week devotional called “Finding Father” by AJ Jones at the start of the school. This devotional is an important value for School of Prophets. It is our heart to raise and equip prophets that have a deep understanding of the Father’s Heart and know their place in the Kingdom as a daughter/son. The students are required to turn in their assignments pertaining to Finding Father through Google Classroom.

Small Groups


We place a high value on community and accountability. With that being said, each SOP student will be placed in a small group. Each small group is assigned an SOP Alumni as their Small Group Leader. Students meet together in these small groups to process the teaching, share testimonies, grow in relationship, and pray/prophesy together.

Small groups look differently for each school. Learn more about each school by following the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Prophetic Activations


Throughout the school year, students will be given practical activations such as prophetic games, prophetic coaching sessions, prophetic presbytery practice, and more. In addition to assignments & activations, there will be several ministry opportunities with local churches that will allow SOP students to put into practice what they have learned and get more of a 'hands on' experience with prophetic ministry. 


Teaching Topic Overview

  • Hindrances to the Prophetic

  • Spirit of Revelation

  • Spirit of Interpretation

  • Words of Knowledge

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Heavenly Encounters

  • Visions & Angelic Visitations

  • Ecstatic, Nabi, Seer Prophets

  • Prophetic Evangelism

  • Prophetic Presbytery

  • True/False Prophets

  • Prophets & Intercessors

  • Q & A Sessions / Coaching Sessions

  • Equipping & Impartations

  • Father Heart of God

  • Why the Prophetic?

  • How to Hear God's Voice

  • History of the Prophetic

  • Four Aspects of the Prophetic

  • Practical Basics of Prophetic

  • Prophetic Language

  • Prophetic Lifestyle

  • Prophetic Deconstructed

  • Protocol

  • Accountability & Authority

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Tongues & Interpretation

  • Ministering from the Heart

School of Prophets consists of an In-House school (Melbourne), an Online School, and a Hub (Brisbane & Perth). Learn more about each of these below: