The Online school is designed to give access and opportunity to attend SOP from anywhereWe desire to equip as many people as we can in how to become Kingdom prophets within this world. In becoming a prophet, it is necessary to help teach students to manage themselves well in a way that is sustainable for life. High levels of self-control are required to live well in the Kingdom. As such, the school offers many opportunities for students to make excellent choices and manage their progress throughout the online school. The policies below help define lines for clear communication and conduct once accepted to the school. Attending the online school require a great amount of self management.

*Online School is specifically open to anyone 50km outside of the In-House School Radius.



In the school we expect and empower students to "discern what is best" and "conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ" (Philippians 1.10, 27) with "not even a hint of sexual immorality or any kind of impurity" (Ephesians 5.3). This standard governs staff and students' personal and public life.


The word says "let our yes be yes and our no be no, and anything more than that is from the evil one" (Matthew 5:37). To gain  accountability for our online students we have a system in place to help track assignment submissions and progress.  Students electronically view & complete their assignments in a SOP google classroom each Friday by 4PM (EST) time following the In-House Thursday sessions. To help manage life and SOP, students are given five "lates" for their online assignments for the school year. These "lates" can be used any time after the first four weeks (our core teaching weeks) to manage events such as family gatherings, weddings, sick days, emergencies and travel schedules. These "lates" allow students to manage their lives well without jeopardising graduation from the school.

We will hold a compulsory “Encounter Weekend” which is a Friday night and all day Saturday. We will upload the entire weekend and create "Encounter Online" and treat it as normal class assignments. At this weekend we will cover a number of our school values. Our heart is to raise and equip students to live in the fullness of who God made them to be. This weekend will cover different subjects that bring some heart healing to any hindrances that keep us from being who we are in God’s image. Each online student can attend this weekend in person, but will be required to complete the additional assignments that will be uploaded in the classroom the following Monday after the weekend has finished. The "Encounter Online" assignments will be due six weeks after it has been assigned giving a student ample time to complete it.  


Upon acceptance as an online student, you will be given a special School Of Prophets email address. This email address will be our main form of communication, and each Online SOP student will be required to use it as our default mode of communication. This is the email address that will also grant you access to the online google classroom. The SOP online classroom will host all of our communication, acceptance of all of your assignment submissions, and access to SOP teachings.

***During the school year, we must receive all communication through this email address. At the end of the school year this email will remain in use for a short time, but will then be disabled.***


As the school requires a high level of self-management, students that struggle to hold to our standard of conduct will receive quick and direct confrontation from their small group leader. This is designed to draw out the "gold" within the student. School staff are trained and equipped to help champion students forward.

Our school requires each student to be a member of a church family. It is our desire to partner with the church body as a whole and to have students who value the church as it is a high value of ours. 

As being a member of a church, the school requires each student to have a pastoral reference that is able to bless the student to attend our school.

In addition to having a pastoral reference, the school require each student to have a church leader to journey with them while in SOP. The church leader is required to fill out a survey form that helps affirm us here at SOP that the student is doing okay within their church body and their own life journey. The survey is designed to bring accountability to the SOP student's involvement in their home church communities. Failure to receive a completed survey from the SOP student's church leader will affect the student's acceptance to SOP.

As the student journey's throughout SOP, if the occasion arises where the student moves churches it is the student's responsibility to submit new Pastoral reference information and leader reference information. Failure to maintain on-going local church membership, or submission of changing churches church membership will likely affect the student's graduation from SOP. 


Each student will be assigned to an online small group based on region. Additionally, each small group will be assigned an online small group leader. This small group will organise a monthly face-to-face meeting using Skype or other various apps. We require each online student to attend monthly Video small group meetings. 


Each student must have a good wireless connection to succeed in SOP online. While there is no way for School of Prophets to manage or require this it will greatly hinder your ability to succeed in SOP online if you do not have decent internet connectivity. The minimum recommended bandwidth is Minimum download: 4Mbps / upload speed: 1Mbps


Each student will be given an electronic 12 week devotional called “Finding Father” by AJ Jones at the start of the school. This devotional is an important value of School of Prophets. It is our heart to raise and equip prophets that have a deep understanding of the Father’s Heart and know their place in the Kingdom as a daughter/son. If the student is unable to complete and meet the deadlines for this devotional, we unfortunately cannot allow that student to graduate.

(Finding Father will be on going at the commencement of the school year and will be assigned as four separate assignments during the duration of the first semester of the school)


Each student will be required to attend one Video Chat Presbytery. The Video Chat Presbytery is a group video chat to be held with SOP staff facilitating activations and coaching each member present during the presbytery. There will be multiple and various options to choose to attend throughout the duration of SOP online. The Video Chat Presbytery options will correspond to the time zone's of the current years intake of student's.  



Upon Acceptance we require a deposit of $150 against the student's tuition by March 1st. Tuition fees are due in full on the 20th of March unless students choose to use the Instalment Plan. Online Students who choose to use the Instalment Plan, must understand that they are committing to pay the full amount due, regardless of whether they complete the school. To clarify, this means even if a student is asked to leave the school, or decides to withdraw, their balance is due in full (with the exception of the refund policy as described below). The standard Online instalment plan is detailed on the Online Finance page.

If a student on the Instalment Plan misses a payment deadline, they will be considered "late" from school and even if they turn their assignments in "on-time" they will be considered "late" until their balance is in good standing. During this time, we encourage the student to continue viewing and submitting their assignments. For each assignment that the student is behind in their tuition fees, the student will be marked "late". Once all "lates" have been used, the student will be ineligible for graduation and will be locked out of the online school. In this unlikely scenario, the student will still be required to pay the balance of their school fees in full. Our expectation is that no student will find themselves in this situation as we place a high value on self-management, especially in the area of finances.


The refund of student fees (less the $150 non-refundable deposit) will be calculated as follows:

First week: 100% refund of total tuition cost
Second week: 75% refund of total tuition cost
Third week: 50% refund of total tuition cost
Fourth week: 25% refund of total tuition cost
Fifth and following weeks: 0% refund of total tuition cost, obligated to pay complete tuition


Any student who wishes to withdraw from the School of Prophets Online must first arrange a face-to-face Google Hangouts appointment with the school directors to discuss the circumstances for withdrawal.


In order for a student to be eligible for graduation from the School of Prophets, there are four key requirements: 

  1. Attendance (Online Small Group Meetings & Video Chat Presbytery)

  2. Assignments

  3. Tuition fees

  4. Godly character


Online Small groups will be established on a regional basis for SOP Online students. Additionally each small group will be assigned a small group leader. This Small group leader will organise a monthly face-to-face meeting using a "Video Chat" interface. We require each online student to attend monthly "Video Chat" small group meetings. In effort to establish connectivity among the online students we require each online students presence for a monthly online small group meeting, using "Video Chat". We also encourage the online students to participate and connect with other online students through various mediums of social media i.e. Instagram, Facebook, etc...


Students are expected to complete and submit all assignments in the SOP Online Classroom. However, we understand that life happens unexpectedly; doctors appointments get rescheduled, family visits town, sickness, kids school projects, the list goes on. To help students manage these aspects of life and attend school, each student is given 5 "lates" for online assignments (including additonal assignments). These may not be used during the first four weeks of school (our core teaching weeks). Once a student has exceeded the given number of "lates", they will no longer be eligible for graduation & possibly have access to SOP online be revoked. There will also be additional assignments uploaded to the Google classroom throughout the year (Finding Father devotional, & Encounter weekend). Students eligible for graduation will complete all assignments by their due dates. Late or incomplete submission of any assignment will count as a late which deducts from the five "lates" given to the students. Please see the assignment submissions section above.


Students eligible for graduation will have paid all tuition fees in full. 


Students eligible for graduation will have displayed godly character during the school online and in compliance with the standard of conduct listed at the top of this page.



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