We value our students' experience in the school and we would love to hear your thoughts, concerns, or problems from Term One at SOP. This feedback form will remain confidential. Thank you for your honesty and for taking the time to fill out this feedback form!

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The School of Prophets HUB has overall been a great experience for me thus far.
The subjects being taught have been helpful in my prophetic journey.
The practical activations at the Hub have been helpful in my prophetic journey.
I feel equipped to participate in a Prophetic Presbytery.
It is clear that the heart of this school is the Father's love and affection for His people.
The Hub has been a place that is safe for you to learn how to hear God's voice for yourself and for others.
The teaching in this school has been thorough and practically helpful.
Small groups have been a safe place to connect with some of my fellow students.
I feel connected with my small group leader.
The heart posture and values of SOP have been clearly communicated.
I find the Finding Father Devotional and requirements of SOP to be understandable and helpful to my prophetic journey.
I enjoy the overall structure of the SOP Hub.
Do the videos / questionaires feel condusive for your learning / participating experience?
Ex. communication, group dynamic, fortnightly meetings, your small group leader, etc.
Please provide any thoughts, comments, concerns about the Encounter Weekend portion of the school.
Please comment and leave any extra feedback you'd like to share concerning the SOP Hub