Gary and Sarah Morgan are the founders of the School of Prophets in Melbourne, Australia which currently runs in 3 states. They are known for accurate prophetic ministry and inspirational speaking, communicating to the heart the intent and wisdom of the Spirit. They have over 18 years experience ministering in the prophetic, sharing platforms with leaders such as Graham Cooke, Bill Johnson and Shawn Bolz, and for the past nine years pastored a local congregation here in Melbourne. Currently Gary and Sarah are itinerant ministers attending Stairway Church. They have a deep value for family and are proud parents of Tobias & Emma.

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Gary Morgan, @welsheagle

Gary Morgan along with his wife Sarah, are the founders/directors of School of Prophets in Melbourne, Australia. His revelatory speaking & accurate prophetic ministry communicates straight to the heart with kindness, the intent and plans of Heaven for those receiving. Gary speaks strategically and directly into diverse areas of culture, bringing wisdom & confirmation to those who seek God’s counsel. 

Sarah Morgan, @kiwiprincess22

Sarah Morgan has a unique ability to communicate straight to the heart what God is wanting to say. Her love for His Presence and a heart for His people gives those who listen keys to transformation in every part of their life. Sarah draws from a deep well of experience and encounters to bring a fresh revelation to all who hear her.

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