Why do Online School?

Our heart at School of Prophets is to connect with the world at large in equipping prophetic people as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear. We believe that this online school will further our reach as prophets into the church as a whole and connect us all as believers around the world. SOP Online is our way of saying that nothing is impossible with God! Prophets can be trained and equipped anywhere in the world through an online school!

What will I experience?

  • Attend the school from wherever you are in the world!

  • Video recorded sessions specifically for the online students.

  • Create your own schedule by managing the online school in your own time.

  • Keep pace with the group with 1-1 help from prophetic coaches!

  • Connect with School of Prophets at large by receiving/sharing testimonies, processing the teachings, and practicing what you've learnt via various social media platforms.

  • Access the student portal where you can download the audio teachings and teacher notes

  • Grow in community through your monthly online small groups where you can process the school, share testimonies, practice what you've learnt, and pray for each other.

What does this look like?


SOP Online is a' course done through Learndash . Online students will be given a School of Prophets account that will allow them access into the Online Classroom. Their Online Student Centre will give them all of the video recorded sessions, teacher notes, assignments for the week, school calendar, and notices. 

The video teachings and assignments are uploaded into the Online Classroom every Friday by 4pm AEST (Melbourne Time), at which point each online student has a week to complete and turn in their assignment by the following Friday at 4pm. They will be able to access this classroom from any of their smart devices!

*Online School is open to everyone located 50km outside of the In-House School radius.

Online Groups

Online students will be put into different Online Groups. These groups will be defined by TimeZone. An online school pastor will be assigned to a group as their Online Group Leader. All online students will be able to interact with their Online Groups via Zoom once a month. 

Finding Father

Each online student will be given a 12 week devotional called “Finding Father” by AJ Jones at the start of the school. This devotional is an important value of School of Prophets. It is our heart to raise and equip prophets that have a deep understanding of the Father’s Heart and know their place in the Kingdom as a daughter/son. The students are required to turn in their assignments pertaining to Finding Father.

Prophetic Activations

Every week the online students will be provided with an activation assignment to practice what they have just learned from that week's video session. These activations will take place in their daily life or could be involved with other SOP students. 

In addition to those activation assignments, throughout the year we provide "Online ZOOM Presbytery" sessions with coaching from the SOP Team. This looks like an Online Zoom Presbytery with an SOP staff member training and coaching the students present in the group chat!

Learn more about the Online School: