What does In-House School look like?

*All small groups will meet during session two fortnightly.

In-House students meet on Wednesday Nights from 7:30PM-10PM in Melbourne, VIC. The school is hosted at Stairway Church at 171 Rooks Rd, Vermont VIC 3133.

Each night starts with worship, followed by teaching that takes place over two sessions. Fortnightly, students meet together in small groups with a staff small group leader to process the week's teaching, share testimonies, grow in relationship, and pray together. Each week is devoted to a topic pertaining to prophetic ministry - so there is plenty of time to learn, practice, ask questions during your time at the school.

What will I experience?

  • A community/family environment that makes learning, practicing, and engaging safe and enjoyable.

  • Sit and learn directly under the SOP Staff and gifted prophets, teachers, and apostolic leaders from around the world!

  • Grow in relationship with your fortnightly small group where you can share your process, practice what you've learnt together, and pray for one another.

  • Keep pace with the group with 1-1 help from prophetic coaches.

  • Opportunities to minister in a local church environment as well as occasionally ministering alongside the SOP founders at various events


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